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Thundershirt Best Anxiety Treatment

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Product Description

Thundershirt the best drug free treatment for dog anxiety!

Thundershirt is proven to work for many types of anxiety including thunderstorms, separation anxiety, barking, travel, crating and more
Thundershirt's patent-pending design applies a gentle, constant pressure that has a dramatic calming effect for most dogs
Over 80% of dog owners reported a significantly reduced anxiety symptom when using Thundershirt, most dogs will respond the very first time they wear the Thundershirt, some may need two or three usages to calm
Thundershirt is also a terrific tool for calming dogs on leash, during training or for problem barkers

Colours: Heather Greythundershirt.jpg

 XX-Small - 23 to 34cm
 X-Small - 33 to 45cm
 Small - 40 to 57cm
 Medium - 45 to 65cm
 Large - 60 to 80cm
 X-Large - 77 to 100cm
 XX-Large - 96 to 127cm




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