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Soft Pen - Puppy Pen

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Soft Pen, great for keeping your puppies in or perfect for going away to that oicnc or camping trip. Does not take much room at all. Stong and effective! Easy & safe to assemble:◦ Has a hole for water bottle◦ Removable floor piece (attaches with zipper)◦ Zip mesh top (easy to remove/add)◦ Side pocket for handy usage◦ Zip door access - two door access points SIZES AVAILABLE: 74.5CM X 74.5CM X 40CM - NOW ONLY $50.00 WAS $72.50 91.5CM X 91.5CM X 50CM - NOW ONLY $60.00 WAS $85.00 116CM X 116CMCM X 58CM - NOW ONLY $70.00 WAS $115.00 LIMITED STOCK - BUY UP NOW!

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