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Snooza Magnomat

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3.000 KGS
Wolly Topper:

Product Description

The Snooza magnetic therapy bed spent loads of time with chosen testers. With such great feedback Snooza couldn't wait to get this on the market and hopefully start relieving a few aches and pains. In consultation with an accredited magnetic therapist the polarity, shape and positioning of the magnets has been specifically designed for animals. Snooza ensured the mat was low profile for easy access but the sizes also suit their raised beds. The fabulously durable, 600 denier ripstop cover we designed with as few seams as possible to ensure maximum water resistance (making it ideal for incontinent dogs) and the optional elasticised woolly 'topper' fits over the existing cover easily - a great way to add extra warmth.

Replacement covers and natural mock lambswool toppers available.

Sizes: Length x Width x Height
Small: 690mm x 590mm x 60mm
Medium: 920mm x 590mm x 60mm
Large: 1050mm x 740mm x 60mm
X-Large: 1150mm x 820mm x 60mm.

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