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Shed-X Dermaplex for Dogs

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Product Description

Shed-X is an all natural supplement and is proven to eliminate excessive shedding in 2-4 weeks while providing optimum coat and skin conditioning for dogs. Shed-X is a 100% naturally fortified anti-oxidant solution that is rich in Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids. Shed-X has a tasty meaty beef flavor. Just add a tablespoon daily of Shed-X to pet food and enjoy the benefits and ease of use.

The answer to excessive shedding: Some seasonal shedding is natural. Excessive shedding can result from a diet lacking in essential fatty acids or because of an imbalance of essential fatty acids in some commercially produced pet foods. Shed-X provides your pet with the most advanced nutrients and finest sources of essential fatty acids including fish oil from Norwegian anchovies and sardines as well as organic flax seed oil and natural wheat germ oil.

Available in 473ml bottle.


Shed X definitely one to have!



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