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Fooey Ultra Bitter Spray

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Product Description

Fooey Ultra-Bitter Spray stops undesirable licking, biting and chewing behaviour in you pets. It is hailed as 'The Most Bitter Stuff on Earth.' Fooey's extremely bitter taste comes from grapefruit skin extract and the herb known as 'The King of Bitters.' These all-natural active ingredients deliver a safe, effective and powerful deterrent to destructive chewing, biting, and licking behaviours.
Simply spray on area or object to be treated. Safe for furniture, walls, wires, shoes, clothing, fencing, stables and stalls, and harmful plants. Apply topically to your pet's fur to discourage chewing, biting, and licking. May be applied around bandaged areas.
Contains NO Alcohol.

•Neutral pH

Ingredients: Water, all natural bitter principles and extracts, preservatives.

Available in 473ml bottle.

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