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Ezy Dog Harness

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Industry Award Winning Dog Harness. That pretty much says it all for our unique molded chest plate Dog Harness. The EzyDog Dog Harness rides lower on the dogs chest and our chest plate helps disperse load so it is easier on the owner and easier on the handler.

The EzyDog Harness features an EVA chest plate. EVA is a foam rubber that will form to the dogs chest for an ergonomic fit. The EVA chest plate keeps the load of the dog spread across the length of the dogs chest providing comfort and control, not to mention style!

The EzyDog Harness is adjustable and easy to fit. The EzyDog Harness uses reflective stitching for enhanced visibility at night. A swiveling seat belt restraint is included for safe travels by automobile.

A rust proof welded D-ring is used for attaching leashes. For ultimate control, use with an EzyDog Shock Absorbing Leash.


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