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Canine Greenies

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Product Description

Greenies removes plaque and tartar – even heavy deposits, reduces gingivitis, freshens breath and improves your dog’s overall oral health by helping to deter dental disease. When you begin feeding Greenies, most pet owners notice an improvement in their dog’s teeth and breath in less than two weeks. For optimum dental health, one Greenies fed daily is recommended but can be given up to twice daily.

Greenies primary ingredients are specially processed wheat gluten, natural flavours, unique teeth cleaning ingredients and chlorophyll, which gives Greenies their green colour.

How will Greenies help your dog?
•Cleans Teeth
•Freshens Breath
•Removes existing plaque and tartar
•Prevents re accumulation of plaque and tartar
•Contains no artificial colours, flavours and preservatives
•Improves digestion
•Dogs Love the Taste!

Other Benefits of Greenies
•Greenies contain no dyes, therefore they will not stain carpet or furniture
•Greenies will not leave crumbs
•Greenies will not splinter
•Greenies are high in protein
•Greenies are low in calories
•Greenies do not contain sugar
•Greenies are extremely palatable.

Choose the correct size Greenies for your dog
Teenie - for dogs 2-7kg
Petite - for dogs 7-11kg
Regular - for dogs 11-22kg
Large - for dogs 22-45kg
Jumbo - for dogs over 45kg
Treats that are too small won’t provide adequate chewing benefits. Treats that are too large can add unneeded calories to your dog’s diet.

Available in 340g packs.

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