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Black Dog Show Arm Bands

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Show arm band - elastic arm band. Designed for use with either of the Black Dog Show Pockets - single sided, or double sided. The show arm band is 25mm wide soft elastic and is adjustable with a clamp to hold it comfortably in place. Black Dog's Show Pockets (either Single or Double Sided) attach to the Arm Band along the Hook and Loop tape. Elastic, lockable arm band 25 mm wide. Detachable clear view, single and double sided pockets for holding and displaying exhibit numbers. The Pocket is neoprene with a clear plastic front - attaches to the Black Dog show arm band with hook and loop tape, easy to remove to swap numbers on the run. Extra clear view pockets are also available, so you can have one pocket for each competing dog's number. The double sided pocket is neoprene with a clear plastic pocket front and back, so you can load a different exhibit number in each side - double sided pockets make it quick and easy to swap numbers on the run. Now all you need to do is turn the pocket over and reattach to the show arm band. Single Pocket 13 cm x 12 cm, black neoprene back, clear front. Double Pocket 13 cm x 12 cm.

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