We regret that PetzCentral online is now closed for business. It is still possible to contact us by email.
However, please be aware that we may not respond immediately.

About us

Our_babies.jpgAt Petz Central we love our animals. Pets are part of the family. We get satisfaction out of taking good care of them. And we know you feel the same way.

Our pets reward us with loyalty, affection and even gratitude. How can we not want the best for them?

As pet lovers, we know and understand your needs. And we also know how important it is to get the best price possible. We are an independent family-owned business. We aren't burdened with the high overheads and franchise fees of the chain outlets. We can pass the savings on to you.

Petz Central is Australian and family owned. Petz
Central ship orders all across Australia - a fast, reliable
service right to your door. We pride ourselves in customer
service and try to offer you the best prices across the board.

Petz Central – proud supporters of many dog shelters in need.

We do our best in supporting non profit organisations in need across Australia. Petz Central is pleased to be able to support these wonderful organisations with donations of pet food and accessories, and also through various fund-raising activities. At PETZ Central we do not sell pets, we believe there are to many un homed pets and we do encourage you contact your local shelter if you are after a new family member.


Dog Bed SchemePetz Central Dog Bed Scheme Donations

There is always a demand for dog bedding, and if you would like to donate bedding and blankets you no longer use, please contact us and we will arrange to get them to the animals in need. Alternatively, if you are attending dog shows or events which are sponsored by Petz Central, you can take along your used blankets and dog beds and hand them in at the Petz Central stall.

As a thank you from us for your generosity, those donating bedding or blankets will qualify for a free entry in our next Petz Central raffle. We hold such raffles regularly, either at shows or in-house, to raise funds for Dogs' Homes and many other non profit organisations.