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Daffodil Day 26th August

Posted on 5th Aug 2011


PETZ Central is proudly supporting daffodil day

PETZ Central is a family owned and operated business and we would like to do our part for the Cancer Council.
So on Friday 26th August we would like to donate all profits made on the day to the Cancer Council for daffodil day.

If you would also like to be part of daffodil day please show your support. If you would like to donate simply visit daffodil day, or you are most welcome to visit us in New Town (we have a donation box available). You are most welcome to shop from our display store as we will be open from 9am - 6pm for this special cause. We believe this is a huge effort for a small business, please show your support

We look forward to serving you - if you would like our address please contact us on 1300 590 123 for details or you are most welcome to order online and on order comments (please mention you will pick up). We can then charge you for your goods excluding delivery when you pick up. We have EFTPOS facilities available on site.

Thank you